Competition Judge Mental Wellness Awareness Training

Dance competition judge comments can become dancers' negative self-talk.

This virtual training session guides dance competition judges and educators in how to better provide feedback to dancers in a way that supports and encourages their mental wellness.

Educators will learn about how to support positive dancer self-talk, encourage a healthy body image, give constructive feedback, and craft educational and supportive critiques that support and empower dancers.

Danscend resources are thoroughly researched, vetted by mental health professionals, and created from peer-reviewed scientific studies.

After the completion of the course, dance educators will have the option to complete a learning assessment to receive a Danscend Mental Wellness Certification.

Take the step to help make the competition and convention community a happier, healthier place.

What's Covered in this Workshop?

  • The Importance of mental wellness in the dance competition community
  • How to give constructive and supportive feedback in a competition setting
  • Common mental wellness challenges dancers encounter
  • The power of language choice in feedback
  • Educator/student relationship dynamics
  • Judge/educator self-care
  • Danscend Mental Wellness Certification (after completion of assessment)

Danscend's next virtual judge training course will take place on:

Saturday, March 30th

8am - 11am Pacific Standard Time

Change Begins with You!

As both dancers and educators, we are all too familiar with the fact that dancers spend hours every day training their bodies and honing their craft, but there is little to no attention paid to training their minds as well. Many dancers struggle with anxiety, perfectionism, depression, negative self-talk, and maintaining a positive body image. And they are told to leave all of this outside the dance studio.

After working together in the education field for seven years, the idea of Danscend was born because of an overwhelming need that we observed in our students. No strangers to the need for mental health awareness, we both have wrestled with various issues in our professional dance careers as well.

So, we created a training for educators at dance competitions and conventions who are at the forefront of dance culture. Together, we can change the industry one dancer at a time!

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