Mental Wellness Dance Educator Certification

A Danscend mental wellness certification demonstrates that educators and organizations are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for dancers. It highlights their commitment to promoting mental health awareness and addressing issues like resilience, mindset, and self-esteem.

Research shows that dance educators have a significant amount of influence on their dancers' emotional and mental wellbeing. In fact, we teach twice as many of the "soft skills" of life than we do tendus. Would you like to feel more equipped to shape the minds of the young people in your classes? 

Like all of Danscend's resources, this course was created using peer-reviewed scientific studies and under the guidance of a board of mental health professionals. This 2.5-hour in-person certification course includes training on how to craft supportive feedback, create a safe and inclusive space, nourish dancers' community, encourage a growth mindset, and lead students by example.

This certification course begins a dance educator's journey to develop the tools necessary to create a learning environment where dancers (and educators) can thrive.

Join the hundreds of certified dance educators and dance organizations who can proudly say they have taken a powerful step toward supporting dancer mental health and wellness.

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