This Course...

  • Educates students on how to identify when self-talk is a detriment to their training and performance

  • Introduces dancers to methods designed to help them reframe hurtful self-talk to helpful self-talk

  • Incorporates current research and strategies from licensed therapists to help dancers reach their full potential

We're Kristin and Michelle, the creators of this course and we're excited to share with you what this course is about!

If you want to learn how to train your brain like you do your body, then you've come to the right place!

Self-talk for Dancers is a course that will change the relationship you have with your mind, and in the process, make you a better dancer and/or dance educator.

Videos and worksheets in this course will cover various topics such as different types of negative self-talk, neuroplasticity, system 1/system 2 thinking, using the ABC method to reframe thoughts, and how to apply all of these concepts to improve your dancing and dance education.

As former dancers, and now educators, we know how important this work is. We're rooting for you and hope to see you in the course!

What's Included?

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